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JellyCat Ambrosie Fox
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    JellyCat Ambrosie Hare
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      Wonderful animated plush animals like you’ve never seen before! 

      Jellycat is one of the top plush toy brands on the market, launching unique design sets every year since 1999. Jellycat plush toys are designed with a combination of softness and quirkiness, making an excellent gift for a loved one. In addition, Jellycat plush toys are suitable for virtually every age. 

      What makes Jellycat toys so popular?

      These toys are incredibly soft, providing comfort for children. They are also immensely popular with parents. These toys can be a tremendous first stuffed animal for newborns. They are durable and will last throughout your child’s early years as one of their favorite toys. 

      These toys also are safe for children. They pass the most rigorous of safety and quality tests. In addition, each Jellycat toy label will tell you the appropriate age range. 

      When is a good time to give a Jellycat plush toy? 

      Jellycat toys are immensely popular with different age groups throughout the world. Some people like to give these gifts when a newborn is on the way, but they are suitable for toddlers as a birthday gift. They might also make a great comfort toy for when your older children are going to be away from home, especially when they go to college. Jellycat toys can also make great recovery gifts for illness and hospital stays. 

      In addition to the soft animal toys, Jellycat also makes board books and flowerettes that are great gifts for lifting spirits and bringing cheer.

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