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Mud Pie Decor

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Home collection creative dishes, home decor, such as, door Home collection creative dishes, home decor, such as, door decor, mirrors, Fall and Christmas decor and gifts.

Mud Pie makes a plethora of home decor items, napkins, mirrors, and items for the holidays. This brand started in the 1980s with only ten decor items and has grown to produce thousands of different home decor designs each year. Mud Pie products are for those who want to entertain at home, home decorators, and those that enjoy quality moments in life. Mud Pie home decor items are popular and will help round out your home, whether it be a set of pot holders or a salad bowl.

Decor for the kitchen 

Mud Pie is the brand for making your kitchen and dining room functional. Some items include a garlic keeper, salt and pepper grinder/shakers, and serving boards. There are even items for when you want to entertain, such as the lime and salt rimmer set. Other popular items include recipe holders, tea bag caddies, and cream/sugar sets to ensure that your kitchen and dining room are always ready to entertain guests. 

Beautiful decor for any holiday

Mud Pie decor products make an elegant setting for any holiday. Whether it’s Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving, functional decor makes for an exquisite environment for your family and friends. For example, a serving bowl set makes it easier to share your favorite side dish at a Christmas get-together. Likewise, a collection of coasters might make it easier to share beverages at your Easter get-together. Whatever the holiday, Mud Pie lets you have beautiful decor to spread the cheer. 


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