2011 Topps Lineage Baseball Hobby. Box Baseball Hobby Box Sealed

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  • 2011 Topps Lineage Baseball Hobby Box

    Every box contains (2) Autograph Cards with at least (1) On-Card Autograph, and (1) Relic Card!!

    In the spirit of Topps 60th Anniversary, Topps honors its famous past eras with new Lineage Baseball. Distinguished with a 1952 On-Card Autograph list featuring the living greats of the game, a 1975 Mini Relic card set highlighted by 90 stellar players, and topped off with a retrospective of Topps most famed, quirky, and beloved insert cards of all-time, Lineage Baseball is poised to be a runaway best seller!



    2 Per Box with at Least 1 On-Card Autograph


    75 of the game's past greats sign their name directly on reprint versions of the most beloved card design of all time - 1952 Topps! Immortal legends such as: Yogi Berra, Ralph Branca, and Monte Irvin sign reprints of their original 1952 cards, while younger legends such as Hank Aaron,Sandy Koufax and Nolan Ryan are honored with signed on-card reprints from other popular Topps sets.

    1952 AUTOGRAPHS:

    Ten legends-in-the-making make the cut and appear along with their autograph on the 1952 design.

    Each of the 85 autograph subjects salute Topps 60th with a Canary Diamond autograph parallel version numbered to 10. HOBBY ONLY!


    Sixty players past and present have signed these cards along with an additional inscription wishing Topps a "Happy 60th!" All autographs and inscriptions are signed directly on each numbered to 60 card. HOBBY ONLY!

    RELIC CARDS: 1 Per Box!


    Featuring 20 of today's stars, these cards mimic the original 1964 Topps Giants design and postcard size.

    Available in Topps Giants Relic parallel version featuring game-used jerseys and bats and numbered appropriately to 64.


    TOPPS 3D - Designed after the revered "test-issue" 1968 3D set, featuring 25 stars of today, utilizing life-like 3D technology, and inserted 2 PER BOX!

    TOPPS CLOTH STICKERS - Modeled after the 1972 test set, these brightly hued fabric cards display 50 subjects on the Lineage base card design, and unlike the original are actual stickers. 2 PER BOX!

    TOPPS VENEZUELAN - Topps updates a tradition begun in 1959 with these 25 Spanish language variation base cards. 2 PER BOX!

    TOPPS ROOKIES - Twenty 2011 Rookies displayed on cards featuring the standard 1980's Rookies insert design. 4 PER BOX!

    TOPPS STAND UPS - These colorful die-cut cards, patterned from the 1964 set, are designed to be displayed when folded. Twenty-five current stars as well as reprinted cards featuring players from the original set will be included. 2 PER BOX!

    60TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION - Randomly inserted cards redeemable for a Topps 60th Anniversary ring. HOBBY ONLY!

    BASE CARDS: 8 Per Pack!

    BASE CARDS - Rookies, Veterans, and Legends are highlighted on base cards created with a nod to the tradition of Topps classic design tenets, but with a contemporary look.

    TOPPS ALL-TIME ROOKIE TEAM -These 10 "field of dreams" specialists, featuring both curent stars and legends, have been selected
    as a member of the Topps All-Time Rookie Team. Each card is embellished with the time-honored Topps Rookie Cup logo.

    PARALLEL CARDS: 18 Per Box!

    The entire base set is paralled as follows:

    CANARY DIAMOND - Sparkling cards numbered 1/1. HOBBY ONLY!

    PRINTING PLATES - 800 base card plates numbered 1/1. HOBBY ONLY!

    1975 MINIS - The popular 1975 design, serendipitiously including some subjects from the original set such as Hank Aaron, Frank Robinson,
    and Tom Seaver.

    DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY - Glittering rainbow foil cards adorned with the Topps 60th Anniversary logo.

    PLATINUM DIAMOND - Dazzling diamond bordered cards.

    24 packs per box, 8 cards per pack

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