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2016 Bowman Chrome Baseball 

Factory Sealed Hobby Vending Box

Every Hobby Vending Box Will include (3) Autographs





  • Product Configuration (Vending): 80 cards per box

  • While the main pieces are still in place for collectors, the 2016 Bowman Chrome Baseball format has certainly seen an overhaul. Hobby boxes are now issued as dual mini boxes that offer two autographs and the return of the vending box allows for quick breaks and three autographs per box.

    Featuring veterans and key rookies, the 100-card base set is joined by a bevy of Refractor parallels. This includes base Refractors, as well as Purple Refractor (#'d), Blue Refractor (#'d), Green Refractor (#'d), Gold Refractor (#'d), Orange Refractor (#/25), Red Refractor (#/5), SuperFractor (1/1) and Printing Plates (1/1) to chase.

    Bowman Chrome Prospects grow the main set with the up-and-coming stars in baseball. Falling two per hobby pack and 33 per vending box, these prospect cards are a key component of both formats. Coming as no surprise, prospect color is abundant in 2016 Bowman Chrome Baseball, including several exclusives. Among the options are base RefractorBlack & Gold (Vending), Orange Shimmer (Hot Pack - Vending), Blue Shimmer (Hot Pack - Hobby) Blue Refractor (#'d), Green Refractor (#'d - Hobby), Gold Refractor (#'d), Orange Refractor (#/25 - Hobby), Red Refractor (#/5), SuperFractor (1/1) and Printing Plates (1/1).

    On-card autographs for the key young names are the main draw for collectors in 2016 Bowman Chrome Baseball. Highlighting the rising stars, Chrome Prospect Autographs feature RefractorBlue Refractor (#'d), Green Refractor (#'d), Gold Refractor (#'d - Vending), Orange Refractor (#/25 - Hobby), Red Refractor (#/5), SuperFractor (1/1) and Printing Plates (1/1) parallels. Similarly, the Chrome Rookie Autographs come as RefractorBlue Refractor (#'d), Green Refractor (#'d), Gold Refractor (#'d), Orange Refractor (#/25 - Hobby), Red Refractor (#/5), SuperFractor (1/1) and Printing Plates (1/1) parallels.

    Other signed card choices include Prime Positions Autographs that point out the notable young players across the diamond. The insert is further enhanced with Green Refractor (#'d), Gold Refractor (#'d), Orange Refractor (#/25 - Hobby), and SuperFractor (1/1) and parallels. All-America Game Autographs offer signed cards from prospects while they were still in high school.

    Part of an update that makes Bowman Chrome the only place to find Arizona Fall League (AFL) content, 2015 AFL Fall Stars Game (Hobby) covers top names and is exclusive to hobby boxes. There is also a Jumbo Relic version for the AFL Fall Stars that includes large pieces of game-used gear.

    Additional inserts in 2016 Bowman Chrome Baseball include Bowman Scouts' Updates dedicated to rising prospects and Out of the Gate (Hobby) which centers on rookies that produced early noise in the league. Refractor that Never Were provides the familiar technology to all-time greats who missed out this modern aspect of the hobby. In addition to limited signed versions, collectors can also find basic parallels. Bowman Scouts' Updates works with Blue Refractor (#'d), Gold Refractor (#'d), Orange Refractor (#/25), and SuperFractor (1/1) while Refractors that Never Were includes Orange Refractor (#/25) and SuperFractor (1/1).

    Release Date: 9/7/2016

    2016 Bowman Chrome Baseball Vending Box Break

    • 3 Autographs
    • 5 Prospect Exclusives
    • 6 Bowman Scouts Updates
    • 33 Prospect Cards
    • 33 Base Cards
    • 80 Total Cards