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2016 Topps Gold Label Baseball Hobby Box Free Shipping

  • $ 75.00

Each Box contains One Framed Autograph Card! 33 Cards Per Box

Gold Label Baseball makes its way back to the Topps baseball portfolio in 2016 with the sturdy, glossy, rainbow foil cards that have made this brand a fan favorite amongst collectors since the turn of the century!

If that's not enough, we've taken it one step further and introduced framed, on-card autographs of the hottest and most collectible players in the big leagues!

Highlighting a base set of 100 active players and stars from the past, each subject will receive 3 versions to collect: Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3.

All base cards will showcase 2 player images with a new image variation throughout every class. Each class version will also feature Blue, Red and Gold Parallels to chase and collect!

Key Rookies: Corey Seager, Blake Snell, Jose Berrios, Julio Urias, Trea Turner, Trevor Story, Stephen Piscotty, Nomar Mazara, Max Kepler, Lucas Giolito, Kyle Schwarber.


Blue Parallels:

Class 1 - 1:2 packs
Class 2 - 1:6 packs
Class 3 - 1:20 packs

Red Parallels:

Class 1 - #'d to 100
Class 2 - #'d to 50
Class 3 - #'d to 25

Gold Parallels:

Class 1 - 1/1
Class 2 - 1/1
Class 3 - 1/1

Framed Autograph Cards:

Three Versions:

- Gold Frame
- Black Frame - #'d to 50 or less
- Platinum Frame - #'d 1/1

These high-end, beautiful cards fall 1 per hobby box, and the best part - they're all signed directly on the card!

16 Packs Per Box, 7 Packs Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack