Lilac Lover- -Thermal Color Changing Nail Polish by Polish Me Silly - D & D Collectibles

Lilac Lover- -Thermal Color Changing Nail Polish by Polish Me Silly

  • $ 10.95

Welcome to Polish Me Silly! We are a mother / daughter team who love to create polish! 

♥ Lilac Lover is one of our NEWEST Color Changing Thermal Nail Polishes!!! It is seriously my new favorite polish...I am obsessed!!! THIS POLISH IS A MUST will not disappoint you! It is sooo beautiful on!!!!! It's a gorgeous whitish/baby lilac and bright purple polish! In the bottle, it is an opaque gorgeous purple color. It has a unique base that is a COLOR CHANGING THERMAL polish. When your body is warm, it is a whitish/baby lilac color and when your body is cold, it is a beautiful bright purple depends on your actual body temperature at the time and the surrounding temperature. During the changing of colors process, your nails will have a 2-toned effect. It is soooo amazing and cheerful on!!!!!! The neon glitter in this polish are gorgeous....we put neon pink, neon orange, neon yellow and turquoise blue in this beauty. The lilac and bright purple colors in this polish are STUNNING!!!!! Please apply a clear topcoat to smooth out your glitter. This polish has a very smooth finish. Happy Polishing!!! :0)