Mac N Squeeze Nee Doh

$ 7.95


It's Like Chewing Gum For Your Hands!

From the makers of Ramen Noodlies comes a brand new tactile treat - Nee Doh’s Mac’ N’ Squeeze! Pop the top and serve the squeeze. These hollow, super-sized elbow noodles give that Nee Doh squishy satisfaction in an instant! Pull them, squeeze them, wear them on your fingers, or just fool around! It’s the parent-approved way to have fun with your food.

Includes four noodles in four different eye-catching colors - green, pink, blue and yellow. They come in a cute storage container that looks like a noodle cup! The pop-on lid makes the cup reusable, too. It’s the perfect place to store this mellow macaroni. Nee Doh’s Mac’ N’ Squeeze: a delicious addition to the Noodlies crew!

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