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Maison Berger Air Freshener Purifier

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  • Maison Berger\Lampe Berger is beautiful as it is useful for exhaling a cleaner and more fragrant air, the Lampe Berger, Parfum berger is available in an incredible variety of styles, designs and materials in order to meet every individual’s desires… The collection today is made up of around a hundred wonderful lamps.

Fragrance oils are a trendy way to beautify your oil. Maison Berger, formerly known as Lampe Berger, has been the brand that has taken care of your indoor air for over one hundred years. The brand’s flagship product, a catalytic lamp, purifies the air in your home by ridding the air of odor molecules and releasing a pleasant fragrance. Reed diffusers are another way that Maison Berger fragrance oils can purify the environment of your home.

Selecting the right fragrance 

Maison Berger fragrance oils for your catalytic lamp are timeless. Charleston is a popular fragrance containing scents of cardamom, cinnamon, and nutmeg, evoking the sensations of the historic port city. For years, the Fresh Linen fragrance has been popular with those wanting to freshen their home for spring. Other popular oils include Heavenly Sun, Lavender Fields, and Green Apple, among the available dozens. But, of course, the right fragrance will depend upon your taste and the time of year.

Getting the most out of your fragrance oils and lamps 

When you use your Maison Berger lamp for the first time, you will need to fill it two-thirds full and let the wick soak for about twenty minutes with the stopper attached. You will then light the lamp for two to three minutes, blow out the lamp, and let your choice fragrance diffuse in your home for about thirty minutes. 

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