Maison Berger Car Diffuser Coco Monoi formerly Lampe Berger

  • $ 24.95

In the cabin, exotic smells gradually settle. This smooth and cheerful blend from the Coco Monoi Car Diffuser - Blissful Collection brings you directly to Polynesia. Maison Berger Paris offers an innovative fragrance, an olfactory initiation to travel and breaks the codes of the automotive world. The pink gold hue, which befits this Coco Monoi Car Diffuser - Blissful Collection, as well as its curved shapes, reminiscent of the waves, will certainly appeal to a more feminine audience. The metal clamp with its highly flexible positions fits all types of air vents. In an increasingly qualitative approach, the Coco Monoï Car Diffuser - Collection Blissful is refillable, which makes it an aesthetic and durable object. Just change the ceramic every 4 to 6 weeks and you're done!