Maison Berger Serenity Green Lamp formerly Lampe Berger

  • $ 60.00

 Height: 12.5cm Volume: 392ml Description: The new Serenity Berger lamp is aptly named: with its delicate and reassuring shape, it adds a soothing touch to the home. A fragrance diffuser that will blend in to all decorative themes with its smoky grey colour. Its transparent lacquered glass body adds a luminous touch, enhanced by the shiny silver ball-shaped mounting and engraved Lampe Berger. This lamp is also available in chestnut, for a warmer atmosphere. Find out more: Product benefit: A delicate atmosphere thanks to this Zen lamp. The ideal ally to create a scented cocoon. Expert tip: Use the short burner for the Serenity lamp for optimal diffusion of the fragrance in your home.

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