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Lampe Berger Catalytic Burner Air Control Wick - D & D Collectibles

Lampe Berger Catalytic Burner Air Control Wick

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 Box of 1 Lampe Berger Catalytic Burner Wick Assembly. It's recommend that the burner and wick assembly be replaced every 200 lightings or once per year. To optimize the operation of the burner it is suggested that you clean it regularly (sometimes after repeated use it will turn black). Simply add SO NEUTRAL to your lampe and light the flame for 2 to 5 minutes until the burner turns grey again. Do not allow the flame to burn for more than 6 minutes. Lampe Berger Home Fragrances Paris. Thanks to its exclusive burner AIR PUR System 3C®, Lampe Berger cleanses and fragrances indoor air like no other system does. AIR PUR SYSTEM 3C® optimises the diffusion of the Lampe Berger fragrances and strengthens the elimination of unpleasant tobacco, cooking or pet smells. The elimination of bad odours, the quality of the fragrance and the safety of use can only be guaranteed when the Lampe Berger AIR PUR SYSTEM 3C® is used in conjunction with Lampe Berger fragrances.

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