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The Button Box by Janet Sever Hull Book

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The Button Box is a story about family and is a metaphor for life experience. The magic of the button box is real. Every family has sentimental items and stories around which their memories are made. This story is about a family button box and the lessons learned from it during quiet special times between a mother and child. This book will make you think of your family and the memories you treasure the most. The Button Box is a book for people of all ages. It's for children to learn about the importance of treating all people with respect and to value the differences between people. It's also a story to treasure for anyone who grew up with a family button box and remembers the magic and fun of looking through it and touching and sorting the buttons with family members. Share it with the children in your lives and share it with your family members and friends.

The Button Box - Finalist for 2016 Best Book...

Publisher: Walk Down The Lane Publishing

Publication Date: 2014

Binding: Hardcover