Riviera Scented Candle – Tonic Lemon by Maison Berger

$ 34


 Riviera Scented Candle – Tonic Lemon by Maison Berger

Are you craving color and fun? The Riviera Tonic Lemon Scented Candle is an instant mood booster! Its delicious fruity pink grapefruit hue sets the tone for revelry. The refined design of this luminous candle, embellished with the silvery stenciled Maison Berger Paris logo, lets its gorgeous color steal the show. Ginger adds spice to zesty notes of caviar lime before blending with the aquatic lightness of water fruits and juicy watermelon. The base is a warm woody blend of amber, cedar, and patchouli. Illuminate joyous summer nights with the dancing flame of a glowing pink candle.

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