The Day The Turkey Came To School Winner of Best Children's Book at the 2018 North Texas Book Festival!

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Dedicated to teachers, and for children of all ages, The Day The Turkey Came To School is a book about what happened one November day when an unexpected visitor appeared in the elementary school drive. His sudden appearance created all kinds of excitement and it also caused people to slow down and come together. Based on a true story that really happened one Thanksgiving Week to the author and her daughter, The Day The Turkey Came To School is a heart-warming story about friends and neighbors coming together in the true spirit of Thanksgiving. This is the third book created by the award-winning duo of author, Janet Sever Hull and illustrator, Vicki Killion Guess. The Day The Turkey Came To School is another story full of descriptive imagery and humor, enhanced by delightful, hand-painted illustrations. And, in the tradition of their previous books, there is a an informative factual section of Turkey Trivia following the story.

Hardback book, September 1st, 2017

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