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What's enough??

What's enough??

It seems that we are bombarded by expectations on all sides these days. You throw a birthday party for your son--you put up some decorations & got a cake...but, was it Pinterest worthy? Maybe you should have made the decorations...and the cake. Oh.... and you forgot to do a theme. Not enough?   You buy mom a gift for Mother's Day, but, she didn't post a pix on Facebook. Did she not like it? Is she mad...sad? Did your gift ruin the day for her?  Was it not enough? You have your neighbors  over for an impromptu backyard BBQ. But, you forgot the potato salad. And, appetizers. And, honestly, who forgets desert?? The burgers were good. And, you had two kinds of pickles. Everyone cleared their plates.  But, no one posted on IG. What did you do wrong? You thought everyone enjoyed the evening! Not enough?  Again?

Sounds familiar?  We know we can't be everything for everyone...and, yet, we still worry. When you find yourself comparing your life to Pinterest posts or your friends' FB posts, or the posts by celebrities on IG, take a deep breath. A chill pill. Whatever you call it. 

Replace the anxiety with a new mantra. Breathe in, Breathe out, Move on. Because you ARE enough.  Yes, that's right.  You. are. enough. 

Take some time to take care of you.  Treat yourself. Enjoy the moment.         Because every moment counts.

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